oh lala.. friday again, i really love Friday:) Today, everyone in the office was mesmerized by my outfit, so bright and colorful because of all the neon accessories. I decided to wear these bright colored accessories to brighten my plain white long sleeves and my baby blue floral skirt. I matched it with my hello kitty glasses to achieve the cuteness. i guess i have achieved it^_^ have i? hehe..
They call it wash day, i call it Fashion Day. A break from wearing that boring uniform, that's why i Love Friday, it's like TGIF for me. I wore this last Friday, (08/24/12) i actually bought it in a thrift shop, very affordable, i decided to wear it once so it's practical to buy inexpensive things if you'll wear it only for once. That tangerine top was inspired by K.U of   http://lookbook.nu , and i matched it with the blue & orange striped skirt paired with my shining shimmering  purple shoes with an accent of orange. To add decency to my looks, I wore that gold necklace paired with my gold bangles, and cute orange stud.  What a Tangy Friday:) 


     I learned that fashion is expressing what you feel, and being comfortable and confident about it. So i stand to the world and telling everyone, this is ME. Welcome to my WORLD. :) 


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